About us

Founded in 1965, Kahraman’s journey followed the footsteps of the pioneers of the historic green coffee and spices route, eventually landing in Dubai in 1990.

The company offers a wide range of the finest green coffee beans and cardamom. From the heart of Dubai, Kahraman branched all around the world to meet the needs of coffee lovers, helping them enjoy the distinctive taste of each origin we source.

Based on our deep-rooted experience, we are committed to bringing the art of coffee to the whole world from Dubai. With a rich history and extensive knowledge, we provide our customers with what they need, from conventional green coffee, to exclusive and specialty beans.

We always strive to be wherever our customers need us, putting every effort and harnessing our experts’ knowledge to provide the finest and most luxurious green coffee beans from around the world.

Our doors are always open to innovation and creativity, which adds warmth, flavor, and meaning to our list of expertise throughout time.

Vision & Mission

Kahraman has set firm, realistic goals to expand its current base and penetrate markets in other GCC countries, Europe and Asia.


Our Team

Human Capital is the most valuable asset of any healthy organisation. Kahraman has banked firmly on its staff’s majority of whom has more than a decade of service and expertise. Multicultural staffs from 6 countries currently are the current team who have various roles as Supervisors, Sales and Marketing Experts, Sourcing Managers, Food Experts, Quality Auditors, Storage Experts, Packaging Experts and Logisticians. This dedicated team forms the backbone of the company and this is expected to grow rapidly in view of the ambitious expansion plans ahead.




Taher kary holds a Bachelor of Commerce since 1964. he is the founder and chairman of Kahraman Duabi Trading and continues to lead it's growth and Expansion. Since 1965, the company has strongly and steadily expanded under the guidance of Taher Kary into one of the leading players in the forefront in spice and Coffee industry in UAE.



Ahmad Alkari was appointed to the role to CEO in 2005 to oversee and diversify operations of Kahraman. He leads the strategic growth and direction working closely with the chairman. He has been instrumental in kahraman diversifying presence in new territories and expanding the market base. Ahmad earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Ajman University, UAE in 2005



Khalid has been associated with the operations of Kahraman, since 1990 and plays a pivotal role in Sales and business development. He has inherited a rich expertise in the Spice and coffee industry having worked closely with Chairman Mr Taher Kary and currently anchors the company with his business acumen and rich expertise



Zaher hold a bachelor’s Degree in Business administration from Cyprus Institute of Marketing in Dubai 2012, and has productive work experience in sales and marketing. He is responsible for launching new businesses working closely with CEO Mr. Ahmad Alkari and set to play a key role in the coming days